Facebook will push new feature – Friends Nearby, that allows you to use GPS to find nearby mobile users to friendship Friendshake…

Facebook experimental function of the Central Plains Friendshake features, it has officially changed its name to “Find Friends Nearby”, and has been open to the trial of the developer, and rumored recent push to iOS and Android phones to end users. As this function is in the end Zuosa use it? Must look at the literal meaning (to find nearby friends) and we already can guess most of it, but such features in the end what kind of difference with the iOS Find My Friend and Android Latitude?

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Seagate teamed DensBits for the development of SSD to enter consumer market

SSD market development can be said that hot air, even the SK and Hynix NAND chip manufacturers are planning to build their own solid-state hard drives. As a traditional hard drive manufacturers, Seagate has a product line of solid-state hard drive, but before been committed to the enterprise market, not to get involved in the consumer field. They also found that the consumer market opportunities, decided to join forces DensBits jointly develop low-cost, high-performance SSD products.

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Asus Transformer Pad Infinity TF700 release date and price announcements

After Asus Transformer Pad Infinity TF700 published in the MWC, I believe many people have been hoping to see their products on the market, especially its 10.1-inch resolution up to 1900 x 1200 pixel density of 224PPI the Super the IPS + Top Screensavers. ASUS today finally announced the sale of the tablet in the near future, specific time to market in the United States July 16, the capacity of 32GB and 64GB, priced at $ 499 and $ 599 U.S. dollars.

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AMD introduced the new G series APU, platform lifetime extend to 2017

AMD has introduced a new G-series of the APU, this G Series G-T16R and lower power consumption compared to an average of only 2.3W TDP is only 4.5W. Its small size, suitable for set-top boxes, medical equipment, industrial control devices. G-T16R using the multi-core x86 CPU and GPU configuration to ensure the compatibility of technology. In addition, AMD also announced the G Series APU platform support period will be extended to 2017 (5 years) than the original, so old users do not have to worry about it in the next five years.

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Firefox said there will be “something big happens” on Android next week, do you get the point?

Firefox Beta for Android has been launched for a while, it seems that Firefox already think the time is right, announced on Twitter that “something big happens next week will be on Android, together with the map – Fast, Smart, Safe- believe that goes without saying that should have guessed that Firefox may be out of the Beta version of the cell phone thing (at least it is off, right?) and Android phones. However, the Google I / O 2012 will also be held next week, it was rumored there will be the official version of Chrome for Android to follow the Jelly bean (the Android 4.1 or 5.0?) Appears, so Firefox to take the time to grab the first incense.

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SSD prices are falling, do you consider to put this new stuff into your computers?

No exaggeration to say, the SSD really give computer users a general feeling of flying, but its high price has been hampered many users to put it in their bag, but this situation may soon facing a huge change. Although Thailand floods HDD hard drive prices all the way soared in the past year. However, in the past year, the prices of the SSD from Crucial, OCZ and Intel SSD have a significant drop, one of the most exaggerated decline even up to 65%. NAND price reduction plus Sandforce, Indilinx cheaper and high quality controller, the combination of these factors,  work together to narrow the SSD to the front of the ordinary consumer. Last June 256GB of SSD price around U.S. $ 500 and more, and now it already drop to a price range around U.S. $200,  on average, 1GB only needs U.S. $0.82. For those who already target to get a SSD for their computers, you should really tries it out as it becomes very cheap now and dropped into a reasonable price.

You don’t know which SSD is the best? or don’t know which is the highest price/performance ratio? Don’t worry! We are going to have a deep review on choosing a highest performance SSDs in different specific range of prices. Stay tuned and remember to follow our website!

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HTC planned to release three WP8 machines: using high-end quad-core Qualcomm processor?

Microsoft officially released the latest next-generation smartphone operating system, Windows Phone 8, and in the conference, Microsoft has officially announced that the four will be the first wave of launch the WP8 models of the manufacturers, HTC is one of them.

With the strong backing of the WP8 support, HTC will bring out what kind of beef? U.S. tech site The Verge Post article alleged that the HTC will have three WP8 machine code of their R & D Rio, Accord, and Zenith, Rio and Accord is expected to be launched around October, while Zenith is currently schedule set in the fourth quarter or so.

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Nintendo announces 3DS LL, 4.88-inch top 3D screen, and longer battery life

Japanese game maker Nintendo released a new generation of handheld game consoles 3DS LL, it is a handheld game console Nintendo has updated on 3DS (launched in 2011) line, it is a specification evolution models, this do built-in a 3D screen that do not have to wear glasses to see a 3D picture as it used a naked 3D screen panel; 3DS LL 3D screen size increases from the original 3.53 “to 4.88”, the screen area is significantly improved by 90%, playing 3D games in this  handheld console will be cool and has a better user experience. But 3DS LL screen resolution still keeps the 800 x 240, means the resolution didn’t increase while the screen size of the console increases.

Nintendo 3DS LL come with three colors: white, silver, and red color, it is expected on sale in Japan on July 28, suggested retail price is 18,900 yen, equivalent to $US about $200.

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Microsoft officially released Windows Phone 8, New Home Screen, New Resolution, Support for NFC, Preloaded Maps and More!

Microsoft officially released Windows Phone 8 is not the same as with the rumors, it does not using Apollo’s code. With Windows 8, the first focus is the “core”, meaning that two of its writing language in common with a large degree, the same Windows 8 and RT-based C / C + + also supports Direct X elements and SQLite, the former belongs only to things of the computer; in other words, the MS has mobile phones, flat panel, desktop and laptop unified platform, developers can more easily develop programs that walk among a variety of devices, they guarantee that we will see “game that never seen on any devices”, probably means that the same game can supports multi-platform, although 720p resolution screen not meeting the computer standard but the developer’s will have their own method to balance the performance in all the platform.

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Graphic Performance 56% Increase, Increase up to 2x PPW, 2nd Gen AMD A Series APU Processor

For ultra-thin and light mobile PCs, All-in-on PC, HTPC, and a wide variety of embedded applications, the AMD 17 number of “Trinity” second-generation AMD A series APU processor, powered by the AMD Radeon HD 7000 series graphics core. 56% compared to previous generations of high drawing capabilities, and performance per watt than previous generations APU 2x support up to 12 hours of life for mobile PCs.

The next-generation AMD “Piledriver” CPU core design of the second generation AMD A series APU processor, support for third-generation AMD Turbo Core technology, the state based on the actual application requirements to adjust the work load between the CPU and GPU, the core clock further improved. The same time, the second-generation AMD A series APU processor equipped with the AMD Radeon HD 7000 Department of graphics core, with the x86 CPU core can enhance the performance of over 700 billion floating point operations.

AMD has launched for mainstream mobile PCs and ultra-thin and light mobile computers, including A10-4600M, A10-4655M, A8-4500M, A6-4400M and A6-4455M and other models APU processors, including quad-core and dual-core products, the standard clock up to 2.3GHz, and supports Turbo Core technology to 3.2GHz, support for DDR3-1600, DDR3L-1600 and DDR3U-1333 memory specifications and equipped with the AMD Radeon HD 7000 Department of graphics core.

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