Amazon get crazy, $0.01 selling Nokia Lumia 900

Across the Pacific, the largest online mall Amazon 2 days limit price of 0.01 dollars to sell Nokia Lumia 900 4G mobile phone, behind the scenes, the operator should still be the operators of AT&T. This is again subjected to clean-up following the T-Mobile Germany to introduce the Nokia Lumia series phone Nokia’s products.

However, the contract price of 0.01 dollars is limited to the United States AT & T users, specific contract prices have to contact your local operator, said she has to pay the insurance money, a year before they get back. We have identified Lumia 900, Nokia can not be upgraded to the latest Windows Phone operating system, at most, can only run in Windows Phone 7.8, a move that could adversely affect sales of Lumia series the Lumia phone began to fall.

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HTC planned to release three WP8 machines: using high-end quad-core Qualcomm processor?

Microsoft officially released the latest next-generation smartphone operating system, Windows Phone 8, and in the conference, Microsoft has officially announced that the four will be the first wave of launch the WP8 models of the manufacturers, HTC is one of them.

With the strong backing of the WP8 support, HTC will bring out what kind of beef? U.S. tech site The Verge Post article alleged that the HTC will have three WP8 machine code of their R & D Rio, Accord, and Zenith, Rio and Accord is expected to be launched around October, while Zenith is currently schedule set in the fourth quarter or so.

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Microsoft officially released Windows Phone 8, New Home Screen, New Resolution, Support for NFC, Preloaded Maps and More!

Microsoft officially released Windows Phone 8 is not the same as with the rumors, it does not using Apollo’s code. With Windows 8, the first focus is the “core”, meaning that two of its writing language in common with a large degree, the same Windows 8 and RT-based C / C + + also supports Direct X elements and SQLite, the former belongs only to things of the computer; in other words, the MS has mobile phones, flat panel, desktop and laptop unified platform, developers can more easily develop programs that walk among a variety of devices, they guarantee that we will see “game that never seen on any devices”, probably means that the same game can supports multi-platform, although 720p resolution screen not meeting the computer standard but the developer’s will have their own method to balance the performance in all the platform.

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Easily Change Your Windows Logon Screen using “Screen Tweaker”

Software Spec

  • Software: Windows 7 Logon Screen Tweaker 1.5
  • Version: 1.5
  • File size: 2.3MB
  • Date added: March 28, 2012
  • Price: Free
  • Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7

Have you think of using an simple software can change your windows logon screen background? If you had, this software is very suitable for your use. That is because this software can easily change your windows logon screen background and other settings with several clicks, you don’t need to change the setting by yourself, I mean the software will do it. 😉

There is some complicated method to change the background of the logon screen, e.g. editing the registry. However, it is quite time

consuming, why don’t you rather use a software to do it instead of editing by yourself?

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Will Windows 8 be a Good OS for Desktop PCs?

We all know that Microsoft’s upcoming OS “Windows 8” is under development. Microsoft has released a Developer Preview build of Windows 8 to public in past and very soon Microsoft is going to release a Beta (Consumer Preview) build of Windows 8 to public on Feb 29, 2012. Everyone will be able to download and use it absolutely free.

Windows 8 comes with several new features and enhancements like new Start Screen which has completely replaced traditional Start Menu, Ribbon UI in Windows Explorer, redesigned and enhanced file copy/move dialog box, enhanced Task Manager, Refresh/Reset PC functionality and much more. You can learn more about all new Windows 8 features in our exclusive Windows 8 section.

Although there are many improvements and new additions in this new Windows OS but the question comes, will Windows 8 be a good OS for Desktop and laptops? This question came in my mind because it seems Microsoft is mainly targeting touch-devices like Tablets for Windows 8 development. Why? Please read below:

Windows 8 Start Screen

Lets talk about Start Screen first. Start Screen shows big live thumbnails (called Tiles) of installed programs in Windows 8. Its extremely cool to have such kind of screen in touch devices as the user needs to use his finger to select an item and it would be really hard to select an item from traditional start menu. Big thumbnails help user in opening a program easily and quickly.

But what about Desktop and laptop users? Why would a Desktop user want new Start Screen to forcefully occupy the whole screen area to show big thumbnails of programs? Start Menu takes a very small amount of screen space and the user also have access to Desktop but in Start Screen, if you want to look at Desktop, you’ll need to click on Desktop tile or use keyboard shortcuts.

Also using mouse to scroll between several program tiles on Start Screen takes much time compared to the good old start menu where it shows a list of all installed programs using small icons and text which doesn’t take much space.

So for a Desktop user, Start Menu is far better than new Start Screen.

PS: There is a registry hack to enable Start Menu in Windows which can be found here. But again its a hidden trick and I’m not sure whether it’ll work in final RTM build of Windows 8 or not? Microsoft can disable this trick in RTM build.

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Rumor About Window 8 – Focused on Tablet and Video Games?

On the news of Microsoft’s Windows 8, the earliest PDC in 2009, held a briefing meeting was mentioned early this year, and former employees have said Microsoft’s Windows 8 will be listed in July 2011, the recent Microsoft is rumor that CES conference in early next year will published the ARM architecture hardware supporting in Windows content, so we need to prepare for changing operating system again?

Perhaps the Tablet PC in the near future is to look at trends, Microsoft has announced before that they will in CES publish support on Windows version of ARM hardware architecture, also will make use of the touch screen that only support the original (but not specifically designed for the corresponding Tablet experience), and the Windows can be a more complete use of the environment suitable for tablet PCs. On the other hand, this version of the operating system will also focus on cloud technology, but also create a special environment for the game. In addition, to previously released Games for Windows Marketplace and Game Hub service, is now also rumor will be the new version of Windows with Microsoft‘s Xbox Live gaming platform features, allowing users to integrate video content at any time to play or interact with friends online, etc. (as the current WP7 mobile platform also features integrated Xbox Live).

The hardware, in addition to support ARM architecture, the course also supports Intel and AMD‘s x86 processor architecture, it is expected that the next version of the Windows operating system will become more widely used. Meanwhile, there is also another rumor that: Windows 8 will have 32-bit and 64-bit versions, including 64-bit version will support full 3D interface to operate, and can render the full dynamic effect and in accordance with general operating practices, but Relative to the display card memory capacity of at least have to have 170MB or more. The other is faster performance, and further correspondence management SSD storage components.

Windows 8 rumor that will be published in the General Assembly next year, CES 2011, the fastest will be listed in July 2011, while the Server version will be launched in July 2012 (but there are also claims that Microsoft’s release schedule has stolen is in fact After 2012?), but there is no further detail the contents of the operating system release.

The following may be previously spread the concept of interface Windows 8 Videos: