Apple’s WWDC hitting San Francisco on June 11th

2012 WWDC

It’s time to shift around that summer vacation. Apple today announced that it will be kicking off this year’s World Wide Developers Conference on June 11th at San Francisco’s Moscone West. The event is set to run through the 15th, focusing on developing for OS X Mountain Lion and iOS, by way of 100-plus technical sessions and hands-on labs, letting the developer community work directly with Cupertino staff — and you can bet we’ll be there as well. More info on the event — including ticket purchasing details — can be found in the press release after the break.

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Apple releases Safari 5.1.5 with minor bug fix


Apple just released Safari 5.1.5 on its website and through Software Update, and it only contains a fix for a bug “that could affect website usability” when in 32-bit mode. The update follows a larger release earlier this month with Safari 5.1.4, which included a long list of Javascript, PDF, and HTML5 related security and performance improvements. In February, Apple rolled out Safari 5.2 for Lion to developers as part of the Mountain Lion preview. That release will likely be available to the public alongside Mountain Lion this summer.

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Running Mac on Cr-48? Not a Joke!

Some people that have got Google CR-48 Chrome Notebook start finding out its malleability, and the newest news is someone successes running Mac OSX on Google CR-48 Chrome Notebook. However, because CR-48 specification is not very high, it runs OSX with lack, but overall it can perform the OSX function successfully. Although it is funny that running OSX on a low performance notebook, but this is also a good try for running an OSX operating system on a Chrome Notebook.

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Apple’s Mac App Store is going to launch in 6th of January

Our first post is……talking about the APPLE’S MAC APPS STORE!

Present, the mac users is using this website for downloading and installing apps for mac.

Actually, in the last conference of apple “Back to the Mac” already noticed the mac apps store appearence. Now, apple determined the mac apps store will start open at January 6 of next year. Because apple found out that iOS app store is very successful of its business model, and bring a lot of market to apple. Therefore, they determined the future will also apply to Mac App Sore, it means that there will be more programs develop for Mac in the future and gonna snatch your wallet and get money from you.

This is very exciting because the mac apps store do not need to wait until the Mac OS 10.7. It is now determined will be out in January 6 next year. After the next year of January 6, you can start buying apps from the mac app store, maybe iWork 11 also can buy by using mac app store.

Mac app store feels familiar with the iOS app store, as can easily find and download the mac application you want through the mac app store. Through the mac app store, you can easily paid for your favourite apps and download it immiedily and no need to wait for so long. I think I will be better than the tradition mac app store which buy app by using the browser.

The application in the mac app store is simliar with the iOS app store. When you have bought any of the application, you can use the same account and then it allows you to re-download the application that you bought, also can update the application though the mac app store.

Don’t worry, there will be free app also in the mac app store like iOS app store. It will be some app is need to pay for money, and some don’t need. Some apps will be free in limited time and some apps don’t have a limited free time. That is the market of app store, mac app store can carries, and attacting developers to develop mac apps.

Mac app store make your mac life have more fun! Easier, faster, and better when downloading apps you need when you use your mac.