Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 interface demonstration S Pen+ multi-tasking ultra-convenient

Samsung 10-inch flat-panel Galaxy as early as the beginning of this year (2012) has been in the MWC exhibition debut Note 10.1, a few days ago in addition to confirmation in August around the world (including Taiwan) are all listed, but also as we [8new machine quick report] said to the processor to determine the use of Exynos 4412 quad-core 1.4 GHz processor, and RAM capacities determine become up to 2GB, in addition to 1280 x 800 resolution screen is a bit ordinary, indeedthe section specification is quite attractive flagship-class products.

Multi-mode + S Pen, very charming

However, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 charming place definitely is not only to high-quality hardware specifications can be directly incorporated in the fuselage to move with the S Pen stylus, and feature-rich multi-use patterns with each other is the Galaxy Note 10.1 the main cause of the more charm. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Interface Demo video not long ago put on the network can be seen through the film Galaxy Note 10.1 not only allows users to simultaneously on a single screen to open two applications (including video player, web browser, S Note, Polaris Office, image browser and Email program), but both programs open at the same time through the S Pen to interact directly.

For example, when you open the Polaris Office and S Note program, you can be to the left of the PowerPoint information content to retrieve down, then drag directly to the inside of the right of the S Note into his own notes. In addition, the open video player in the multi-mode, in addition to half of the screen to display video content, can even decide for themselves the size and location of the video player simply and general computer use experience. Note 10.1 also has a very special place, that is, when you bring up the virtual keyboard, you can decide for themselves the size and placement of the keyboard design is very user-friendly.

▲ Split screen to directly play the multi-task.

▲ Polaris Office and the S Note to interact directly.

▲ virtual keyboard size and location, follow what you want

S Note The software also has many enhanced features design, but to say more, not as a direct look at the following Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Interface Demo, you can better understand the Galaxy Note 10.1 multi-mode withS Pen, use may be so interesting.

In addition to the official demo video above, the network on another spread a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 hands-on demo video, we can look at what is probably the smooth operation of the real machine.

Finally, add the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Taiwan will be launched this month, the capacity and the body color version information is not yet officially announced, but overseas to determine there will be black and white two options, providing 16 GB, 32-GB of 64three kinds of GB, but also pure WiFi and 3G + WiFi in two versions. Galaxy Note 10.1 overseas selling price jump by 479 euros, equivalent to NT about 17,760 yuan (pure the WiFi, 16 GB).

What do you think? Does it worth to buy? Comment below~!

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