One year, how many opponents did beaten up by Apple iPhone?

The Apple iPhone was released in 2007, we all know its leather a lot of people’s life. The Asymco Horace Dediu said Apple to grab 73 percent of industry profits with Samsung to divide up the smartphone market 99 percent of operating profit – which means the addition of dozens of smart phone manufacturers only to see Apple Samsung meat, own soup .

The VisionMobile According to 2012 developers ecological survey report (love the range of children for the report, Chinese partners) to draw a chart, comparing the first quarter of 2012 and the first quarter of 2011, Apple and competitors’ sales, income and the power of profit changes, with “dry turn” to describe the iPhone is not an exaggeration.

Three information map is incremental sales, revenue, profits, Apple is how to dry down competitors. It should be noted that VisionMobile, only statistics within a year of change (2011-2012); Imagine, if comparing 2012 and 2007, the contents of the information on the map will be even more shocking.

Apple iPhone product in the mobile space, only a quarter of sales of 35 million; Samsung did not disclose sales figures, but the outside world that it sold 42 million smart phones, to total 88 million mobile phones (including functional machine). From the share of sales in the industry, Apple is just a small sign of improvement “.

Largest industry news in the first quarter than the dominance of Nokia for 14 years, the mobile phone industry boss “was captured by Samsung. Aspects of other manufacturers, HTC’s share be reduced, a result of the strategic transformation of the third quarter of last year; LG in the Chinese domestic forces decay rapidly, but the world’s share has no major recession, but its first layout LTE 4G Assistant; In addition, Motorola’s share remained stable the Droid RAZR, especially due to the good performance of the RAZR MAXX, and now news that Droid has returned to the location of the sales chart NO.1 in the U.S. Verizon network – the latter is single-handedly Pick up the the Droid operators, so you can look forward to the second quarter, Motorola’s handset shipments, will have better performance.


The revenue side, Apple and Samsung have not released a single line of business income. Third-party analysts expected revenue from the iPhone accounted for about 50 percent of Apple’s total revenue, the revenue of $ 39.2 billion of the first quarter of this year, Apple iPhone contributed revenue of approximately $ 20 billion. Samsung, thanks to the growth of the mobile phone business, to produce beautiful earnings in the fourth quarter of last year and this year’s first quarter.

n the Vision Mobile information (above), Samsung’s revenue in the industry substantial growth, thanks to the machine sea tactics and fine tactical, the former to ensure that its mass – throughout 2011, Samsung mobile phone shipments reached 300 million, again higher than in 2010 20 million units; the latter mainly refers to the Galaxy family of high-end phones, Galaxy S II, Galaxy Note has a very outstanding performance.

Aspects of other vendors, Nokia income decreased significantly, in fact, Nokia in the first quarter of this year is a loss, in the third table talk; HTC income of compression, is also due to labor pains through a strategic transformation period; RIM of income significantly decreased, in part because bB10 phone is delayed until the second half of this year, unable to help expand sales; Motorola, LG, Sony Ericsson (Sony), income is also declining.


The so-called “dry turn, refers to profits not allow competitors to eat meat, only soup; and even had other people’s jobs. The first quarter of last year, counting Apple wins Nokia rice bowls, and took away the rice bowls of RIM, wins the LG’s rice bowl, won the Sony Ericsson’s rice bowl ……

Apple is a giant of industry profits. In Vision Mobile the chart, Apple accounted for three-quarters of the industry’s profits, Samsung and Motorola, HTC, another 25% share. Profits only in the first quarter of last year, Apple grabbed Liu Cheng – the remaining 40% of almost a quarter of the world by Samsung, RIM, Nokia, HTC. It is often said that the field of mobile Internet is a winner takes all, no second; Apple to bring the experience of the mobile phone industry is no doubt this.

To note is that Nokia is losing money from the second quarter of last year, the first quarter of this year was the second loss, so the same comparison for the first quarter of data, in fact, “loss PK profit, so we can not see To the right Nokia shadow. However, Nokia expects the second quarter losses heavier, so even is a year-on-year in the second quarter, just Behold loss was more profit table will still look less than Nokia’s shadow. Also take into account of Windows Phone 7.5 can not be completely upgraded to WP8, Nokia is going through a difficult third quarter, which means that Nokia in the third quarter, still may not be able to return to profitability of the table. In this way, after three quarters, we expect Nokia Return of the King, or the time to listen to a shaking of the dense smell – Nokia has been some of the Takeovers?

The figure above, HTC gained a little bit of industry profits – Horace Dediu this ratio is 1%. HTC One X at home and abroad are doing well overall praise in the media circle, then the consumer will use the real action, help HTC get more industry profits? We will see.

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