Google I/O: What do you expect?

This June, there is many new tech showed up.

Apple WWDC conference has just finished, people are still pondering the “retina” screen of the new MacBook Pro, followed by Microsoft released the Surface of this new form of tablet PCs, and then release of Windows Phone 8, next week will be the annual Google I/O, believe that Google has a lot of wonderful products are going to release.

First, begin by recalling the previous Google I/O’s main theme

  • In 2008, Android, the App Engine, Google Maps API, the Google Web Toolkit, OpenSocial;
  • In 2009, Android, the App Engine, Chrome the Google Web Toolkit, the Google AJAX APIs, the Google Wave;
  • In 2010, Android, the App Engine, Chrome the Enterprise, Geo, Google APIs for the Google TV, Google Web Toolkit and the Socail the Web, the Google Wave;
  • In 2011, Android, Chrome, the Chrome OS, Google Music, Chromebooks, Chrome Web Store support in-app payment.

Beginning in 2009, Android, Chrome becomes the protagonist of each of the Google I/O conference, their importance is evident. As the saying goes reviewing the old, learning the new, this year’s Google I/O, the two main characters certainly will not be absent. In the past, we can see that on the Google I/O, Google likes to release new stuff at the conference, such as last year they have released Google TV, Chrome Web Store, Chromebooks, ADK, Android@Home, etc..

This year what new things we will look forward to in the Google I/O Conference?

1. Nexus Tablet

About Google is going to launch its own – Tablet PC, from March last year Fudzilla has first reported, many constant rumors flow in the air, and then in December last year, the current Google Chairman of the Board Schmidt said in an interview with Italian newspaper, “The next six months, we will bring the highest quality of tablet PCs to the market.” He then confirmed that Google is developing its own tablet PC, the next question is, when will Google choose to release its own tablet PC? By TechRadar to confirm the production partner of the Nexus Tablet will be Asus, and will be released in this year’s Google I/O name or known as the Asus Nexus 7.

The news about the Nexus Tablet is very scarce, only know it’s screen size is 7 inches, will be running the latest Android 4.1 the Jelly Bean, the price may exceed $199, and maybe using the high-end NVIDIA Tegra 3 CPU, bringing the great performance Tablet to the market. However, the hardware specifications and appearance has not yet been revealed.

2. Jelly Bean

Jelly Bean will probably be the protagonist of this conference. However, Google will announce its presence, according to the above summary of the previous Google I/O conference main theme, Google is bound to announce the next step planning of Android.

On the Jelly Bean, the author building blocks in the forum to organize a post filled with their own expectations for the Jelly Bean, welcome to discuss:

  • VPN + Slide to unlock;
  • Put WiFi, Bluetooth, synchronization, and brightness settings integrated into the drop-down notification bar;
  • In the power button menu, adding screenshots button and restart button;
  • Add “add or minus number of main screen” function, and it is no longer fixed in five main screen;
  • allow to change the theme;
  • Press the multi-tasking key, you can directly switch off the current program;
  • desktop icons changing position to be more convenient;
  • apps inside the drawer can be arranged by the time of update.

3. Google Glass

In the first half year, Google released their own Smart glass Google Glass catch lots of attension. Google executives made no secret of the love with this thing, we often see Larry Page and Sergey Brin, appeared in public using with it. The end of last month, Lieutenant Governor of California, Gavin Newsom, also has a personal experience on Google Glass.

This new interactive devices, will bring us what kind of changes?

However, will Google release more updates about Google Glass on the Google I/O conference this year? This new product, when will it be popular and let the public to get use of it?

4. Google version of Siri

In March of this year, rumor that Google is about to launch the Google Assistant, which is serving the similar function with Siri including intelligent voice search capabilities. And, it is said to have three characteristics:

  • Integrate as much information as possible, and turn it into a language format that computer can understand;
  • output as much as possible humane results (based on Google + data);
  • Beyond the concept of “search engine”, not just return to the search results, but to help people to complete specific tasks in life.

Looking into these characteristics of the Google Assistant, let the listeners having many expectation on it. Really hope we are able to see a demo of Google Assistant in the Google I / O Conference this year.

This year’s Google I/O conference is very exciting, because Apple and Microsoft have exhibited their amazing products in June, and Google as one of the world’s most powerful technology companies, it has no reason to show their the weakness to its opponents, there must be something catching our attention in the products going to be release in the Google I/O conference this year.

For sure, we will let you to know the newest updates from Google I/O conference, we will be doing a whole review about the conference afterwards. Remember to follow our website to get the latest tech news including the following Google I/O conference.

Do you have any expectation or anything you want to see in this year Google I/O conference?

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