Nintendo announces 3DS LL, 4.88-inch top 3D screen, and longer battery life

Japanese game maker Nintendo released a new generation of handheld game consoles 3DS LL, it is a handheld game console Nintendo has updated on 3DS (launched in 2011) line, it is a specification evolution models, this do built-in a 3D screen that do not have to wear glasses to see a 3D picture as it used a naked 3D screen panel; 3DS LL 3D screen size increases from the original 3.53 “to 4.88”, the screen area is significantly improved by 90%, playing 3D games in this  handheld console will be cool and has a better user experience. But 3DS LL screen resolution still keeps the 800 x 240, means the resolution didn’t increase while the screen size of the console increases.

Nintendo 3DS LL come with three colors: white, silver, and red color, it is expected on sale in Japan on July 28, suggested retail price is 18,900 yen, equivalent to $US about $200.

▲ suggested retail price of 18,900 yen.

▲ top 3D screen area increased by 90%

▲ Compare 3DS from the left, obvious that the right of the 3DS the LL screen is bigger

Increase in size, enhance battery life

The original Nintendo 3DS built-in naked as the 3D screen is quite cool, but as the screen is only a small 3.53-inch, cool visual degrees always feel inadequate. Newly released 3DS the LL just improve the shortcomings, and not only the top of the bare 3D screen size to increase, even the bottom of the 2D screen also upgrade from the original 3DS’ 3.02-inch to  4.18-inch.

Also, as the size of the dual-screen increases, the body size of 3DS LL followed by amplification, the overall size increased 46% compare to the original 3DS. The increase in size makes 3DS LL becomes heavier but this means it can carries a much bigger battery to provide longer battery life for the console. According to Nintendo’s official, 3DS LL used to play 3DS game for up to 6.5 hours of life, or DS game for up to 10 hours of life.

▲ 3DS LL’s screen size has a significant increase, the body size also becomes much bigger than original 3DS

▲ The comparison between 3DS LL (bottom) and original 3DS (top) in body size and weight

▲ The comparison between 3DS LL (bottom) and original 3DS (top) in battery life performance

Comes in three colors

It is expected on sale in Japan on July 28, the first wave of 3DS LL, there will be three different body styles in white, silver, red. Only white body style comes with the internal body in white color, the other two color models comes with a pure black interior coating. In addition, the 3DS LL body lines becomes relatively smoother, seems it canceled the 3DS shining bright mirror shell design,  makes the top’s  visual effects was relatively low key.

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