Microsoft officially released Windows Phone 8, New Home Screen, New Resolution, Support for NFC, Preloaded Maps and More!

Microsoft officially released Windows Phone 8 is not the same as with the rumors, it does not using Apollo’s code. With Windows 8, the first focus is the “core”, meaning that two of its writing language in common with a large degree, the same Windows 8 and RT-based C / C + + also supports Direct X elements and SQLite, the former belongs only to things of the computer; in other words, the MS has mobile phones, flat panel, desktop and laptop unified platform, developers can more easily develop programs that walk among a variety of devices, they guarantee that we will see “game that never seen on any devices”, probably means that the same game can supports multi-platform, although 720p resolution screen not meeting the computer standard but the developer’s will have their own method to balance the performance in all the platform.

New Features List (changelog):

    • New Home Page Design
    • The multicore support, up to 64 cores!
    • MicroSD card support, Resolution has improved, there are three options: WVGA (800 x 480), WXGA (1,280 x 768) and 720p (1,280 x 720), but unfortunately there is no 1080p
    • NFC-enabled e-wallet functions, but must rely on a SIM card changes by telecommunications operators to start the services. MS to ensure that users have the most complete experience in the use of electronic wallet “Tag-to-pay connection credit / debit card, support the third party application; all payments to go through to enter a password before failed to do so. At present, only France’s Orange is a partner of MS in this regard
    • NFC-enabled advertising, will be in magazines, posters, and even appear in the personal business cards, obviously, the WP8 can information about the NFC Tag added to your phone


New features on the software side:

    • Maps officially preload on top of Windows Phone, offline maps, turn-by-turn driving navigation features. MS, the “discount introduced” features will be built into Nokia Maps, we currently did not know the number of support areas
    • Add the Internet Explorer 10 for Windows Phone, said the experience with the desktop version, and JavaScript to four times faster performance than the Mango, HTML5 performance also improved twice. The introduction of SmartScreen function to prevent phishing. MS has used their WP8 machine to run SunSpider benchmark, it obtained 1,200 ms results, and even better than the S III of 1,460 ms
    • Support App purchase, have a certain degree of integration with the NFC wallet functions, to buy things with password
    • Enterprise Support: Microsoft also did not ignore the support for enterprise, they guarantee a confidential manner and support designed for the enterprise, allowing the administrator to go to the WP8 and make use restrictions, remote control, push the priorities (method unknown) and not install via the Marketplace the app’s rights, but also the startup mode encryption. MS also said that the Office’s role will be even more significant, but not much detail explained in this stage
    • Skype integration
    • Real multitasking support
    • Support the OTA upgrade, guarantee at least 18 months upgrade lifecycle
    • Cooperation with Audible, search and playback of sound e-book, support Windows Phone 7.5 or above

However, due to different hardware requirements, the platform of the Original code has made some significant changes, the MS has already admitted to WP8 will not support existing WP7 device even the flagship Nokia Lumia 900 is also not support. Fortunately, they developed a special Windows Phone 7.8 to existing devices.

Finally, Microsoft plans to launch WP8 in the fall, there will be four vendors to be the first launcher of WP8 products, should be at the same time with Windows 8 the Surface tablet shipment, do the two make a “good” pair? (Or do you think it is a bad thing?) Comment below!

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