Samsung Galaxy S III S Voice APK Leaked, Download Link Inside

Be apart of the launching date of Galaxy S III in the European, there is still a week or so away, how can we expect that the S Voice APK already leaked out? Same as many cases, the APK first appeared on xda developer forum. We must first declare that it can only operate on the Root devices of the Android 4.0 phone, the second is that we cannot ensure that it did not affect the security of mobile phones. According to the testing on Nexus S and Galaxy Nexuz, on the Nexus S, the search action is done, but when you try to use it to find the navigation route, it will stop response and shut the app down. In the Galaxy Nexus, more normal operation can be found. If you have interest the prerelease S Voice app, then try to download from the reference sources; the same thing to note, bear the risks by yourself and do not guarantee your experience is same as others.

You can download it using following link:

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