Researchers developed a ReRAM silicon with speeds of up to 100 times more faster than common flash memory

Recently, results of a study from University College London (University College London) let us see ReRAM a better future. Where researchers created a chip speeds up to 100 times than the ordinary flash memory. It consists of silica (Silicon oxide) and made better resistance performance of the chip. Moreover, because it does not require vacuum production, so the cost is relatively cheap. In addition to faster than the speed of flash memory, with its ability to adapt to the chip for a variety of conductivity can also be used as a memristor. Besides, the ability of data processing and task storage, it is also a master. The researchers hope to develop the silica CPU market by virtue of this technology, in addition, they also have this design to be applied to mobile devices, the development of transparent memory chip. If you want to know more information, click the source to see the detailed reports

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