NVIDIA to bring more affordable GeForce GT 610, GT 620 and GT 630, but not the Kepler architecture

If you would like to assemble a computer, but the purse is a limited budget can not afford to buy a graphics card for the Kepler framework, you can look at the new NVIDIA launched three new graphics card. Three Fermi architecture can make this structure more close to the price of their remaining. Among them, the GeForce GT 610 is actually a re-packaging of the GT 520, with 48 CUDA cores, with 29-watt ultra-low default power performance. The GT 620 is turned in the GT 530, with 49-watt TDP, and 610 have twice the CUDA cores, using 64-bit GDDR3. The GT 630 can also be regarded as a substitute of the 65-watt GT 440, with 128-bit memory, so you can take full advantage of the 96 CUDA cores.It should be noted that three new NVIDIA graphics card specifications are not the Kepler architecture, and the previously announced an OEM version of Kepler’s GT630 is not the same. So when you go to buy a graphics card in the computer shops, you needed make sure the specific performance and specifications, so as not to directly distinguish from the models’ name, turns out the product you bought does not met your expectations. You must know that the differences between two different structure cause a huge around of differences either in performance or power consumption, so study well before buying these products.

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