Google Plus+ Integrated with Google News, The New Real-Time Reports Page

Google News integrated with Google+

▲See real-time coverage on your interested post in Google+

Often use Google News to view news reports? This time they intend to make some changes by adding more new features, so you can be more immediately and accurately knowing whats happening in the world. First of all, on the homepage of Google News, they added a large picture for each of the news report and when you can expand the news, the picture will enlarge, it also added the integrate features with Google+ community, so that you can directly view the circle of your friends or other celebrities immediately by comments and views on the relevant reports. Independent real-time reports (Real-time Coverage) page, you can also see the updated list of reports, the complete coverage of the original field and right field of Google+ comments update. It allows you to comment directly in the picture page, you can join the conversation on different topic and telling your point of views. However, unfortunately, these three new features are just can be seen on the U.S. version of the page. People who wanted to try these new features can switch their viewing language to “U.S.”, then those features will be enabled.

Method to enable this feature in your Google+:

Google News integrated with Google+: enable feature

▲Enable the “Realtime Coverage” by changing your viewing location to U.S.

After trying these new features, do you want it to be available in our version too?

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