Yet another Samsung Galaxy S3 leak breaks cover

samsung galaxy s3 leak photos

Here’s a not-final dummy-unit of the Samsung Galaxy S3 that may or may not look something like what we’re going to see from Samsung on May 3.

Actually, the unit in question is quite clearly not what we’ll see hitting our shelves post-May 3, given that its plastered in notes and is generally agreed to be a dummy house for the much-anticipated smartphone.

What’s inside is probably more likely to be accurate – although fat lot of good it does us, unless any of you happen to have x-ray eyes and can hop a plane to China, infiltrate the manufacturing plant it came from and have a shufty at the handset for yourself. If so, call us.

Back to reality

The software shown is Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0), with Samsung’s TouchWiz overlay, complete with Twonky Server app (Samsung’s Airplay solution?).

It looks likely that the Galaxy S3 will have some kind of buttonage going on too, with the unit playing host to a home button just as in our favourite leak to date.

It’s worth noting that the picture that originally surfaced on Chinese forum Mobile01 has since been taken down – make of that what you will.

The trickle of Galaxy S3 leaks has become a torrent in the past weeks, with tipsters and hoaxers and covert Samsung marketing execs (note: unsubstantiated) having a field day with the internet’s anticipations.

We’ve been tracking them all in a handy photo album over on Facebook, as well as gathering up every morsel of speculation in our Samsung Galaxy S3 rumours article.

If that’s not enough to keep you going until the launch event on May 3, then get thee to our video round-up below – and never fear, we’re sure there’ll be more leaks to tide you over as well.

[Source: Techradar]

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