Qualcomm S4 dual-core version of the HTC One X get a high score in the benchmark test

I’m very impressive to nowadays tech products performance, especially they can do more things when they are equipped with high-end configuration.

Today, we are going to see the performance of the HTC One X, which is benchmarked by androidcentral. You will see impressive results done by HTC One X in the following benchmarks. (Note: this HTC One X is a AT&T version (with S4 dual-core processor), not the international version, which is equipped with quad-core Tegra 3 processor)

VELLAMO SCORE (watermark)

quadrant mark (watermark)

You guys can see that the HTC One X did a great job in the benchmark test, it scores 4952 in overall, it scores 8611 in the cpu part, it is quite powerful right? The performance outperform many other competitors’ phone, such like Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Tab. You can now imagine the phone is how powerful by those benchmark results.

On the other side, according to the source, HTC One X-built-in battery power performance is also good. However, it had been complained that there isn’t an external memory card design, while AT&T version is built-in 16GB, which is smaller than the 32GB capacity of the international board. It is noteworthy that, One X is equipped with a S4 dual-core CPU, but you can see the scores is much better annd higher than the current market popular dual-core machine, this makes people have a greater curiosity about the improvement of the S4 dual-core CPU.

Do you guys think this is a phone you gonna get in the future?

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