Sony is suffering a loss! — Vice President going to promote reform

Japanese electronics tycoon Sony has been recorded a huge loss continuously in the past three years. Sony is expected to have the annual net loss of 200 billion yen in March this year, it is a huge amount of differences when comparing to the original estimate of 90 billion yen, that is more than doubled.

In order to reverse the situation in the future, sony decided to appointed vice president Kazuo Hirai, the company’s new chief executive to replace Howard Stringer for over six years, it will  definitely implement drastic reforms. In fact, from 2005 to the present, the sony’s stock price has fallen nearly halved. Their business is seized by their competitors continuously (e.g. samsung, apple)  and other negative news always appear in Sony. For example, the playstation network (PSN) was hacked in October last year, and this causes more than 90,000 player’s personal-information vent.

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netbook is approaching it’s deadline?

Although this year Intel continue to launch the new atom processor for it’s atom netbook, but the the acer chairman JT Wang recently predicted that the Netbook will disappear in the market.

Wang said that the netbook is not completely out of the market, but will be combined with the with the ultrabook, which is also target in light computer market. Wang is expected in 2013, there will be $ 499 ultrabook introduced to the market, and the price gap with the netbook is getting smaller, so he predicted netbook and ultrabook will be combined together in the next 18-24 months.

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