Rumor About Window 8 – Focused on Tablet and Video Games?

On the news of Microsoft’s Windows 8, the earliest PDC in 2009, held a briefing meeting was mentioned early this year, and former employees have said Microsoft’s Windows 8 will be listed in July 2011, the recent Microsoft is rumor that CES conference in early next year will published the ARM architecture hardware supporting in Windows content, so we need to prepare for changing operating system again?

Perhaps the Tablet PC in the near future is to look at trends, Microsoft has announced before that they will in CES publish support on Windows version of ARM hardware architecture, also will make use of the touch screen that only support the original (but not specifically designed for the corresponding Tablet experience), and the Windows can be a more complete use of the environment suitable for tablet PCs. On the other hand, this version of the operating system will also focus on cloud technology, but also create a special environment for the game. In addition, to previously released Games for Windows Marketplace and Game Hub service, is now also rumor will be the new version of Windows with Microsoft‘s Xbox Live gaming platform features, allowing users to integrate video content at any time to play or interact with friends online, etc. (as the current WP7 mobile platform also features integrated Xbox Live).

The hardware, in addition to support ARM architecture, the course also supports Intel and AMD‘s x86 processor architecture, it is expected that the next version of the Windows operating system will become more widely used. Meanwhile, there is also another rumor that: Windows 8 will have 32-bit and 64-bit versions, including 64-bit version will support full 3D interface to operate, and can render the full dynamic effect and in accordance with general operating practices, but Relative to the display card memory capacity of at least have to have 170MB or more. The other is faster performance, and further correspondence management SSD storage components.

Windows 8 rumor that will be published in the General Assembly next year, CES 2011, the fastest will be listed in July 2011, while the Server version will be launched in July 2012 (but there are also claims that Microsoft’s release schedule has stolen is in fact After 2012?), but there is no further detail the contents of the operating system release.

The following may be previously spread the concept of interface Windows 8 Videos:

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