Wall Street Predicted Top 10 Trends in Mobile Technology

Wall Street predicted the top ten technology trends for next year’s forecast that Apple iPad tablet PC market trend for this year’s independence leader, but the competition will be increase next year, a number of industry heavyweights will join the battle for the market; The rise of fourth generation mobile networks (4G), science and technology industry to seize the market and increasing cases of litigation, and electronic purse will be the next popular trend in the electronics industry.
iPad: Apple iPad tablet computer created a new type of mobile device on the market today. Samsung Galaxy Tab is only the competive with iPad now, but competition will be increase next year, Motorola, RIM and other technology giants known companies will join in this action war.

 Android: Google Android mobile operating system, beautiful performance of this year, is currently working with carriers Verizon Wireless, handset makers HTC and Motorola, the system next year, the focus will shift to less expensive smart phone to increase coverage, so that Android phone without a carrier subsidized prices fell to $ 100 less is expected, if the bundled program is expected to lower the price.

Application: a lot of parity this year, the fun applications dominate, but next year will move toward commercialization. AT & T, enterprise software provider SAP (SAP) and other large enterprises have been developed to assist customers in tracking sales, monitoring systems and other applications.

4G: Fourth generation mobile networks (4G) great progress this year in the United States, however, want to use this ultra-fast Internet service to consumers next year, according to data traffic may have to pay to use, such as AT & T is no longer allowing new users enjoy the unlimited tariff plan, Verizon also intends to adopt a consumer price measures.

Parts shortage: part though modest, this year the mobile phone industry after another led to delayed shipments, lost sales and other equipment manufacturers a significant impact. However, ultra-thin smart phones this year, supply was tight-screen Samsung Electronics, in July to add a new device, the next screen from the current capacity of 300 million units per month increased to 3,000 million units.

Patent litigation: the highlight of next year, industry, patent litigation action. Apple, Motorola, Microsoft, Nokia, Eastman Kodak and other companies have been rivals in court to prevent the infringement of the patent products into the United States, legal disputes will be more next year.

Mobile Security: Smart phones are expected to upgrade the security and privacy protection. Chip manufacturers, carriers and handset manufacturers will be available next year, new security features, so that consumers feel comfortable buying products and services for mobile devices.

China Update: Chinese mobile phone industry is not willing to produce only low-cost unlicensed mobile phones, Huawei Technologies and ZTE will launch mobile phone with Google operating system, each carrier may sell 50 dollars.

Electronic wallet: the use of electronic purse will be more popular, wireless carriers have begun to try to put phone into a wallet, AT & T, Verizon and T-Mobile and other carriers in November with Discover Financial Services joint venture, the goal is for consumers mobile payment through induction. Next year will be the take-off of mobile wallet.

Location services: Next year is also the location services (location-based service) in the crucial year. This service allows to offer coupons or other promotions to consumers, the stores can be defined areas and specified period of time, as long as the smart phone users in the specified time into the region, you will immediately receive the store’s marketing message. Community site Quartet Square (Foursquare) has been hit heavily promote the service, to make use of such stores “to report gifts” in honor of their own service users.

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Rumor About Window 8 – Focused on Tablet and Video Games?

On the news of Microsoft’s Windows 8, the earliest PDC in 2009, held a briefing meeting was mentioned early this year, and former employees have said Microsoft’s Windows 8 will be listed in July 2011, the recent Microsoft is rumor that CES conference in early next year will published the ARM architecture hardware supporting in Windows content, so we need to prepare for changing operating system again?

Perhaps the Tablet PC in the near future is to look at trends, Microsoft has announced before that they will in CES publish support on Windows version of ARM hardware architecture, also will make use of the touch screen that only support the original (but not specifically designed for the corresponding Tablet experience), and the Windows can be a more complete use of the environment suitable for tablet PCs. On the other hand, this version of the operating system will also focus on cloud technology, but also create a special environment for the game. In addition, to previously released Games for Windows Marketplace and Game Hub service, is now also rumor will be the new version of Windows with Microsoft‘s Xbox Live gaming platform features, allowing users to integrate video content at any time to play or interact with friends online, etc. (as the current WP7 mobile platform also features integrated Xbox Live).

The hardware, in addition to support ARM architecture, the course also supports Intel and AMD‘s x86 processor architecture, it is expected that the next version of the Windows operating system will become more widely used. Meanwhile, there is also another rumor that: Windows 8 will have 32-bit and 64-bit versions, including 64-bit version will support full 3D interface to operate, and can render the full dynamic effect and in accordance with general operating practices, but Relative to the display card memory capacity of at least have to have 170MB or more. The other is faster performance, and further correspondence management SSD storage components.

Windows 8 rumor that will be published in the General Assembly next year, CES 2011, the fastest will be listed in July 2011, while the Server version will be launched in July 2012 (but there are also claims that Microsoft’s release schedule has stolen is in fact After 2012?), but there is no further detail the contents of the operating system release.

The following may be previously spread the concept of interface Windows 8 Videos:

"Email is Dead"? Maybe This is True…

Facebook, founder Zuke Bo declared “e-mail is deadlast month, many people don’t believe it. However, now the new data shows that he may be right.

British Daily Mail newspaper reported, as cassettes, video and fax, as e-mail usage decline seems irreversible. According to market research firm comScore statistics, young people that under the age of 25, millions of British people have already changed to social networking sites.

3 Great Britain‘s most popular e-mail provider: Yahoo! Mail, Gmail and Hotmail, with the number of people continues to decline. According to Times obtained the personal user data of the Email, from October 2009 reached a peak number of users, and the e-mail supply side has lost 120 million. Rapid pace of young users prefer instant messaging, online chat more flexible, easier to upload the photos.

Sites such as Facebook allow users to know that friends are online, and came to know each other if messages have been received. This could explain why Facebook has been in the UK in January and attracted 1.3 million people to join.

What do you think of it? Will e-mail dead and Facebook holds the whole market?

Google Chrome OS Funtion Analyze!

Many people asked “what are the function that Chrome OS acutrally provided?” and they are interested in this topic. So, we are now listing out the functions of the NEW Chrome OS and the advantages let it have a “fight” with Windows and Mac.

Function 1 – Web Apps Market

The web apps market for Chrome OS is Chrome Web Store. Chrome Web Store provides over 500 types of free and paid programs, users not just only can in Chrome OS or Chrome web browser using the installed programs, also the software will follow the user account. Regardless of any computer open the Chrome Web browser, you can see the downloaded software and start using on it.

Function 2Multiple Login Identities

Users when using Chrome OS,  besides they can login to their registered google account, and getting personal synchronization settings, also they can login as “Guest”, which won’t save any browsing history, the software they used, and their personal data. That makes when the user lend the computer to other people, the computer login identity also can keep the user privacy. Furthermore, if the normal user of this computer don’t want the web browser to record their browsing history and what website they browsed before, they can activate “incongnito” privacy mode, and the system won’t record any of their web browsing data.

Function 3 – Offline Working Mode

Chrome OS operating system already can through HTML5 technology to support offline function, which let user when they can’t get online, they also can running web tools and web programs, such as Google Docs, which provides documentation working, makes them won’t get affected when they are can’t get online. When their computer can get online again, their documents will automaticly sync with the server. The idea is letting the Chrome OS user won’t be affect to much when they can’t get online and use the computer.

Function 4 – Instant Online Printing

To address the drivers and hardware compatibility issues, Google Chrome OS development called for the “Google Cloud Print Beta” feature, which let the computer can access the printer using the cloud server driver, and the users just only need to pre-set printer, and then can via wireless or LAN and to printing at anytime, even can print out the specify documents in other printer in different places. Besides this, some factory creating the chrome OS computer said that later the Chrome OS computer can do printing by using the USB slot on the computer and let it connect to the printer.

Function 5 – Make the Computer Up to Date

Chrome OS can actomaticly running system update and software update, letting the computer system up to date and keep the system in the newest version. This is more faster, simple and easy when compared to other sytem update function. If the system detect the system having problem, the computer will active “Verified Boot” function, which will automaticly recover the problem and restart the system. These function letting the user using a “fresh” computer everytime when started up the chrome OS, also can maintain the computer in a highest performance.

Adobe Flash 10.2 Beta Open for Download!

Adobe announced the official launch of the Adobe Flash Player 10.2 Beta test version, which focused on Stage Video hardware acceleration, supporting IE9 hardware acceleration, and other improvements.

(following information is from http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/flashplayer10/ )

Key new capabilities in the Flash Player 10.2 beta include:

  • Stage Video hardware acceleration — A new method for video playback in Flash Player will allow developers to leverage complete hardware acceleration of the video rendering pipeline, enabling best-in-class playback performance. Stage Video can dramatically decrease processor usage and enables higher frame rates, reduced memory usage, and greater pixel fidelity and quality.
  • Internet Explorer 9 hardware accelerated rendering support — Flash Player takes advantage of hardware accelerated graphics in Internet Explorer 9, utilizing hardware rendering surfaces to improve graphics performance and enable seamless composition.
  • Native custom mouse cursors — Developers can define custom native mouse cursors, enabling user experience enhancements and improving performance.
  • Support for full screen mode with multiple monitors — Full screen content will remain in full-screen on secondary monitors, allowing users to watch full-screen content while working on another display.

    Below is a sneak peak of Stage Video hardware acceleration from Adobe MAX 2010.

    Download the Adobe Flash Player 10.2 Beta:

    [Source from: Adobe]

    Rumor – iPad 2g is going to launch in February of Next Year?

    Refering to digitimes report, Apple has asked Foxconn plant to provide the first 400,000 to 600,000 units of the next version of iPad, within 100 days, if it proves true, iPad 2 would arrive on the market by the end of February 2011.

    According to sources in Digitimes , marketing of iPad 2 intended to start by the end of next January, just behind the Jobs keynote, but was postponed because of the firmware that is still in testing. In this case, therefore, it would be more like a delay due to a software problem rather than hardware.

    As predicted by other rumors reported by Digitimes, the new iPad should not deviate too much from current version, but will make some improvements, such as the face time camera for “face timing” with other iOS devices, lighter device, an improved display and a gyroscope.

    So, what do you think ipad 2g will improve?

    What is Chrome OS operating system? Any special of it?

    What is chrome OS?

    Chrome OS is a operating system designed by google, which is based on Linux programing. It has many advantage, e.g. simple, fast, clear appearance. In this post, I am going to tell you more about Chrome OS and what is google purpose of designing the new operating system – Chrome OS.

    Chrome OS Background

    Many people is talking about chrome OS now because Chrome OS is a operating system create by google – a big company create many useful web tools and mobile operating system (Android).

    Chrome OS is designed by google, which is target for some little computer like netbook. Google have noticed the Chrome OS in the last year of July. Chrome OS is based by Linux, so the OS is very simple and simple to use, also it is using cloud computing technology by using google chrome web browser. Chrome OS idea is from Chrome web browser, and Chrome OS is supported x86 and ARM processor computer.

    In the September of the year 2009, google has opened the Chromium OS for developers doing testing and individual investing for google. Google noticed that Chrome OS just can run on the computer that they think the spec is suitable for it to run on, so the limitation is bigger than others.

    Chrome OS Purpose

    Chrome OS is using “Nothing but Web” for their OS quote. The target is want to improve the popular way to browse the web for those people who always browse the web. Because many users is being dependent on the use of web. Therefore, the Chrome OS design is designed by using web as the main idea, and make a OS that mainly fit the present need of the web users.

    Chrome OS special features is included fast booting speed, user-friendly and simplicity appearance, and have a great system security, those three special features. Also, Chrome OS  is packed with a chrome web browser for letting user has a main controlling panel, provided web browsing, documents processing, email, instant messaging, listening music, and watching YouTube video functions etc.

    Google Chrome Features

    Chrome OS using simple Web browser as a desktop operating environment, start up only needed 15 seconds and then can connect to the Internet. In each computer boot, the system will perform “verified boot” check, when there are any system problems, that will repair itself, so each boot are the same as using the new machine. Because all programs and files are stored on the Internet, the demand of computer hardware specifications is lower.

    In addition, Chrome OS provide complete synchronization function, the user can put the account password, bookmarks and web app, with other computers which using Chrome Web Browser to Sync. Also, Chrome OS using sandbox virtual operation of the model and through eCryptfs encrypted files, dramatically reducing the oppourtunity of being infected the computers secuity.

    This function can improve the secuity of Chrome OS.


    In conclusion, google Chrome OS is the new idea of the operating system, which may grow the google market. Also, google Chrome OS is simple, fast, and secuity. This may attact more computer users to try this operating system and being get use of it. Google Chrome OS targeting light computer (netbook) market, and use those three advantages to stuggle with windows, mac in the operating system market. Although this OS maybe just too simple, but this OS should be a good start by google. (It is the first time google developing a operating system.)

    The Offical Video of Chrome OS

    What is Operating System?

     Many people acturally not really know what is a operating system, but they are using it everyday when they are using their computers. I think we should know the concept first before we are going to discuss more things about this topic.

    Operating System Flow

    So, an operating system (OS) is software, consisting of programs and data, that runs on computers and manages computer hardware resources and provides common services for efficient execution of various application software.

    For hardware functions such as input and output and memory allocation, the operating system acts as an intermediary between application programs and the computer hardware,although the application code is usually executed directly by the hardware, but will frequently call the OS or be interrupted by it. Operating systems are found on almost any device that contains a computer—from cellular phones and video game consoles to supercomputers and web servers.

    Examples of popular modern operating systems for personal computers are Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and GNU/Linux.

    Continue reading

    Apple’s Mac App Store is going to launch in 6th of January

    Our first post is……talking about the APPLE’S MAC APPS STORE!

    Present, the mac users is using http://www.apple.com/hk/mac/app-store/ this website for downloading and installing apps for mac.

    Actually, in the last conference of apple “Back to the Mac” already noticed the mac apps store appearence. Now, apple determined the mac apps store will start open at January 6 of next year. Because apple found out that iOS app store is very successful of its business model, and bring a lot of market to apple. Therefore, they determined the future will also apply to Mac App Sore, it means that there will be more programs develop for Mac in the future and gonna snatch your wallet and get money from you.

    This is very exciting because the mac apps store do not need to wait until the Mac OS 10.7. It is now determined will be out in January 6 next year. After the next year of January 6, you can start buying apps from the mac app store, maybe iWork 11 also can buy by using mac app store.

    Mac app store feels familiar with the iOS app store, as can easily find and download the mac application you want through the mac app store. Through the mac app store, you can easily paid for your favourite apps and download it immiedily and no need to wait for so long. I think I will be better than the tradition mac app store which buy app by using the browser.

    The application in the mac app store is simliar with the iOS app store. When you have bought any of the application, you can use the same account and then it allows you to re-download the application that you bought, also can update the application though the mac app store.

    Don’t worry, there will be free app also in the mac app store like iOS app store. It will be some app is need to pay for money, and some don’t need. Some apps will be free in limited time and some apps don’t have a limited free time. That is the market of app store, mac app store can carries, and attacting developers to develop mac apps.

    Mac app store make your mac life have more fun! Easier, faster, and better when downloading apps you need when you use your mac.

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